10 thing you need to build an audience

Building an audience for any entrepreneur, for personal brands, for companies and there are specific things that you can do and that has to do in order to you know to create that environment where you’re going to be able to build an audience so let’s jump right into it.

  1. You need a Platform

There are platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but these aren’t your platforms. These are somebody else’s platforms and ultimately yes you have to start there, that’s where you may be posting the majority of the content but you want to develop and build a destination to send those people to your website so you got to have your own website and you have to take an active role in getting people from the social platform to your platform.

  1. You need to know you’re why

What are your why, why you’re doing it, why do you want an audience in the first place, what value are you giving to them in order to build an audience, why should they come to your website, and why are you? These things should be clear in your mind before expecting an audience.

  1. You need to find your voice

Finding your voice and speaking in front of people is also a thing you have to do. Speaking through your speech and also speaking through your article is also important to build an audience and everyone should master it!

  1. You need to capture a spark

You as a content developer and as someone who’s trying to build an audience have to stay inspired and have to know how to generate ideas of how you can bring value to your audience because your audience is hanging on your every word. At least you want them to so you have to stay inspired and become this kind of content generation engine and they rely on your ideas.

  1. Don’t assume nobody is listening

Don’t assume nobody is listening because people do look into things you may not be aware of. You should not compromise the quality and quantity of the content just because of nobody. If you compromise in the beginning then people won’t stick around.

  1. Don’t forget the people who supported you initially

You will come across people who’ll support you and try to help you just because they see your hard work. Appreciate that one person who supported you from the beginning because he’ll market your brand for free.

  1. Content is key

Without content you can’t establish an audience, if you keep updating and providing value to your audience then the audience will make time for you. Content must not be repetitive.

  1. Feedback

Respond to comments left by people on the website. People feel included if the content maker responds to their comment and comes back one more time. Take feedback from the existing audience and build on that.

  1. Call-to-action

You can make excellent content and keep making consistent content and still won’t find people subscribing to your service. The reason is very simple, they don’t think subscribing matters but if you just mention it once, hey I’m making this amazing content and I see that you’re loving it too, why not push the notification on.

  1. Collab

Collab is one of the powerful things to use in order to grow an audience. The collaboration will get you the extra audience but if you’re not consistent, or not good enough then things will go back to where it was before the collab.

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