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Mobile App Development Services

We are the leading Application Development Company with 15+ years of experience with 350 experienced Developers. We have Expertise in Developing the Best quality Mobile App Development, Software Development, IoT applications, AR/VR application Development, etc. We provide you with the best quality and cost-effective solutions, With quick response. We work with our Clients as your long partners, where we provide complete end-to-end services from Consulting, Development, and Support. Our well-Experiences and Professional team are here to provide you the world-class App and Software Development Services.

More than half of search engine queries in the world were carried out on mobile devices in 2019. The number of mobile devices including mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. crossed the number of desktops in 2015 itself. The world is fast moving towards mobile devices. This is even reflected in Google’s ‘Mobile First’ approach to new technologies.

In this mobile-first world, successful businesses are seamlessly extending their websites to provide a feature-rich mobile experience. Creating a responsive mobile application for your business means extending the geographical reach of your business. It also means being available for your customer at the right time. Lastly, mobile apps are more powerful as they use hardware features like GPS, mic, speaker, etc. to provide an enriching experience to your customers.

All we want is a handy solution, an application that supports mobile. You can access it anytime anywhere. All we want you to come up with is a business idea and our team of experts will convert that into a handy mobile application.

We have a team of experts, who will help you out by developing a mobile application that facilitates performing all E-Commerce functions.

Why Prefer Profile Build As
Your Mobile App Developers Buddy?

  1. Tech Support: The team assigned to your app will always be available to answer your queries throughout the development process.
  2. Efficient Project Management: To ensure the timely delivery of your app within the projected budget with minimum project risks, all our apps are executed using international project management techniques.
  3. Security and Compliance: We address industry-specific security requirements and BCP standards from Day 1 of the project.
  4. Experienced App developers: Our team of app developers has an average experience of 6 years in app development and brings in a lot of insights to every project.
  5. Analytics: We provide custom-made dashboards and reports that help you understand the performance of your app and make the most of it.

What Are The Steps In The
Mobile App Development Process?

After receiving a client requirement and before submitting a finished mobile application we go through a number of iterations with our clients.

  1. Business analysis:- Business Analysts work together with our client to understand your business to determine the high-level features and functional requirements of your mobile application?
  2. UX Design:- The design team then develops a prototype considering a well-defined user experience.
  3. UI Design:- The look and feel of the app are designed keeping in mind international design cues, your brand guidelines, and competitor apps.
  4. Back End:- Our team of developers creates an app on the back end which works with the front end of the app to interact with the database.
  5. Mobile App Development:- The final coming together of the app happens at this stage. We work closely with the client and receive and incorporate feedback into the app in a series of iterations. Every iteration results in a working demo.
  6. Testing:- We spend hundreds of man-hours testing the efficiency and the working flow of the app, ensuring a smooth and stable experience for your customers.
  7. Support and Maintenance:- We provide ongoing support packages where we take care of all version updates, version changes, addition or subtraction of features, etc.

Understanding the right need, at the right time, and targeting the right audience is the essence of a successful Business. Question is, how to communicate with your audience. Are offline promotional activities enough? The answer is: No. Make your business-related information more accessible to your audience, with the help of a website or an application that supports a mobile too.

We develop to deliver the best performance & experience. Our mobile strategies take into account your goals and target groups to develop the right content and tools, delivered on the right platforms and designed with the appropriate devices and screen sizes in mind. Our expertise with cross-platform frameworks and wrapping capacities, assure powerful user-centric mobile app experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At ProfileBuild, we provide app development solutions on iOS, Android, Windows and Web. We also offer hybrid/cross-platform app development solutions using HTML5.

On an average, it takes at least three to six weeks to create an enterprise-level app. Generally, the duration of the process depends on the complexity of the app and the features that you want in the app.

There are three stages in our app development process: The first stage is of planning in which we, after understanding your business and your objectives behind developing the app, will wireframe a solution. The second stage is the design and development stage wherein we will create design and functionality of the app and will test and remove the bugs and errors in the app, if any.

The third and final stage marks the launch or handover of the app followed by the marketing of the app.

The cost of the app depends on its complexity and your preferences. Other contributing factors are the types of graphics used, sound effects, the platform chosen, etc. To know about the estimated price of your project, kindly send us your requirements and we will get back to you shortly.

We develop a wide variety of apps ranging from utilities, travel, finance, social networking, productivity, business etc.

We have catered to the needs of business owners from industries like eCommerce, education, finance, healthcare, media, retail, NGOs and many others.

We are well-known for providing full-cycle solutions. From conceptualization to post-sale support and maintenance, we will stay with you at every stage and ensure that your app is bug-free and stays so in the future.

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