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No logo with cluttered graphical elements and inconsistent fonts looks good.

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Logos are the face of the company and are the most prominent visible manifestation of the company. Logos provide the company with a unique identity with its graphical display which allows the customer to identify with the core brand of the company. In marketing and advertising materials, logos are a shorthand way of representing the company. Giving the company an easily recognizable visual symbol, the logos become synonymous with the name and brand of the company to the consumers. Since logos are the chief visual component of a company and appear on websites, stationery, advertising, and business cards of the company, they should be unique and well-designed so as to contribute to the success of the business.

While there is an array of colors, typography, and visual elements available, the logo should help in projecting some kind of information about the company. While service-oriented companies have circular logos to promote a sense of trust, tech companies and cutting-edge firms usually have angular logos to provide a sense of speed. No logo with cluttered graphical elements and inconsistent fonts looks good, so it is imperative to have a clear and precise logo that matches the brand of the company.

Importance of Logo design for Companies and Small Businesses:

Since logos reflect the values and principles of the company, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Studies have proven that people recognize and relate to images faster than text. And a well-designed logo can reach potential customers and communicate the worth of the company. It is imperative to have a carefully designed logo because –

  • Logos create an image.
  • Logos solidify consumer loyalty.
  • Logos are a powerful marketing tool.
  • Logos establish ownership

As consumers come to trust a particular brand, it is more likely that they will respond positively when they encounter the logo, which leads to an increase in sales. A well-designed logo also implies a sense of professionalism when compared to substandard logos of competitor companies, thus swaying the consumers towards the company with a professional attitude. Small businesses often make the mistake of designing logos as a frivolous chore, which causes their company to look unprofessional unskilled, and not aptly resourceful. Since the logo is the mental shortcut to the brand, a well-thought-out logo can reach potential buyers and communicate to them the value and appeal of the company.

Our corporate logo design process starts with a brief from the client as to their expectations and requirements that the logo should fulfill. Which also includes answers to the preferred colors, the tagline, the company name other likes and dislikes. We then come up with a few logo design options for the client to give us feedback on and their process of fine-tuning and modifying continue till the client is not convinced with the final logo.

Do I Need To Trademark /
Registration On My Logo?

In order for a logo to have copyright protection, it must reach a certain level of creativity. Most logos, however, do not qualify for a copyright. However, trademarks are more appropriate for logos as they are used to identify a company or brand. By doing this, you can keep other people from using your logo, or one that is confusingly similar, to sell the same or similar things that you are selling.

How Can I Evaluate Whether A Logo Is Good Or Not?

Most logos can be measured against 5 key characteristics:


The simplest logos are the ones people remember the most. Think the Golden Arches of McDonald’s.


A great logo should continue to look good even when scaled down or up.

Memorable / Impactful

A great logo should be impactful so that people can easily recall it later.


A great logo should look equally good on any web device and on any kind of print material.


A great logo should be relevant to your business.

An outstanding logo design can invite tons of your prospects to come and connect with your business. Our creative logo designers have been designing unique and custom logos for 9 years and this has contributed to our growing client base and established us as leaders in logo design services.

Create an individual identity of your business and select from a wide range of services such as Logo Design, Website Design, Business Cards Design, Stationery Design, Infographic, Brochure Or Flyer Design, Banner Ads Design, Postcard Design, Poster Design, Doodle, Icons Design, Templates Design, Social Media Page Design, Landing Page Design, Coming Soon Design, Product Labelling Design, Product Packaging Design, T-shirts Design, Sports Jersey Design, Book Design, Magazine Covers Design and much more for your new or existing brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Logo designing refers to creating a logo for an organization that portrays its idea and brings a visual identity. It may seem pretty easy, but logo design is very complex and requires attention to detail when you get your hands on it. It is the reason why most companies opt for professional logo designing services.

To get started with logo designing, you need to know which company is the right match for designing your logo. Choose the company whose work is distinct. The first simple rule is to check out their previous works. If you find their designs appealing and eye-catching, you can proceed to more detailed scrutiny of their design process, like the guidelines, font licensing, adaptability, etc.

The logo designs services vary depending on the creation method, time spent designing and correcting, designer’s experience, and location.

The prerequisites to order a logo design for your organization are pretty basic. You need to have a clear understanding of the idea behind your organization, its tagline motto, and you should fix the budget you want to spend on it. Then you need to choose the design style for your logo which best represents your company.

Logo design is a critical task and requires attention to detail. That’s why it requires proper time to invest. It takes only a few minutes for something simple, but when it comes to formulating the most distinguished logo, it can take a few weeks. On a general basis, it takes less than a month to design a logo.

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