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ProfileBuild provides end-to-end explainer video services starting from brainstorming, scripting, storyboarding, production, and post-production work if any.

Explainer Video Services

Have you ever opened a website or clicked on a link and arrived at a landing page, only to be greeted by a short video explaining the product, service, or business idea? Then you have experienced an Explainer Video. Businesses use explainer videos as they are extremely easy to understand and can create a long-lasting impact in the viewer’s mind without even saying a word. Explainer videos are also used on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

ProfileBuild provides end-to-end explainer video services starting from brainstorming, scripting, storyboarding, production, and post-production work if any.

Corporate Video Services

A corporate video is simply a video produced by a business or organization for promotional, instructional, training, or other purposes. Most often these videos are used to promote and raise awareness of a company’s brand. You would mostly encounter these videos in the lobbies of the corporate offices or during important meetings like AGM, EGM, etc., when making critical presentations to investors, potential employees, and stakeholders.

Corporate videos are a very important part of an organization’s brand identity as it is a silent marketing tool. It is ultimately an asset of the company and hence organizations invest very cautiously into producing corporate films. ProfileBuild has produced thousands of corporate videos for some of the biggest brands from across the world. We are a preferred agency when it comes to producing corporate videos due to our in-depth understanding of what goes into a powerful film and our unmatched production quality.

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Corporate videos tend to have a long shelf life and lots of different uses, which make them great value for money because you can use them time and time again.

A corporate video is your shop window, giving viewers a brief insight into what your company stands for.

They can take many different forms, but they’re usually about 2 minutes long and can combine interviews with management; footage of your employees, infrastructure, products, or services in action; and glowing customer testimonials!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video production services develop visual video content for the company’s promotion and advertisements displayed on television, various internet channels, and home videos. Video production services are way more extensive and vaster than people realize. It includes editing teams, production crews, writers, management, and many more. Through these steps and procedures, a video goes from pre-production to post-production.

Video Production Services includes three major processes, which are pre-editing, filming, and post-editing.

Pre-production: You get to know the key points and messages that must be included in the article. Identify the audience and set up the timeline for production.

Filming: After gathering all the necessary information and points, the team starts filming to complete it within the given period.

Post-production: As the filming is done, we get on with the visual effects and final draft for editing. After this, the final content is developed.

To develop video content for any company, we do our initial interaction to know the company briefly. We will ask all the necessary questions to understand what you are expecting from the video. There we would require resources on scripting, filming, and editing according to your demands.

With video production services, you strategize your marketing techniques by providing the customers with entertaining and engaging content. You can tell your story through visualization and search for engine supporting videos for the company. It’s a creative and exciting way to interact with the audience. And ultimately, it’s a direct opportunity for a call to action.

For instance, video production services are widely used in the healthcare industry, financial services, real estate marketing, and children’s education. Through video content, they provide better interactive content to their customers to understand the actual purchase and the importance of these industries.

The cost of any video production service demands various factors and varies accordingly. Some main points that affect the cost price of any video depend on how many locations the company has to travel, total runtime, location, and graphics.

Working with a professional video production service provider, you get better at handling things for your company. The service providers will combine your marketing goals, vision, and innovative concept and build something unique and interactive for your company. They would keep in mind your budget and deadlines.

We provide three major kinds of filming, which are: Brand Oriented, Product Oriented, Animation Videos, Slide Videos and Human intervention Videos along with Voice Over.

Corporate Films: Such videos generally contain plenty of information and technical jargon, but our creative team makes them attractive for the audiences to watch and understand.

Explainer Videos: These videos explain your product or service brilliantly to your target audience, and our team of video creators uses highly effective motion graphics, illustration, ns, and animations to make them even more engaging.

Product Videos: Our video marketing team helps you reach out to your potential customers with the help of product videos that inform and inspire the audience with some extraordinary presentation techniques.

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