Why every service industry needs to have a business account on social media platform?

Alright let’s start from the beginning, any small or big company can enter into a digital world because not only physical but also digital presence is necessary. Right now, the times being changed people need services more convenient and that’s the reason people have more options for those services which save their time and money. For a particular business, there are 5 basic things that are necessary.

1) Generating awareness

Tough your customers might know you but not actually how do you work that’s how through social media not only you generate awareness but also you increase your visibility. The traditional business helps to capture only those customers who are located in your region whereas, through social media, you can target and reach any target audience. Every business has an objective to acquire and retain customers for profitability. Eventually, when you have customers you will automatically discover what kind of service you wanna provide as well as where you lack and according to that you need to implement the right medium which fits the best for your service.

2) Audience engagement

Social media is a constantly changing environment where every month we get another update of any app e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. So, a person has to be aware of it because when it comes to engagement it can be anything such as Q&A, live streaming, or feedback for the product for experiential marketing. While engaging you should be careful with one thing that never communicates with the audience in the same manner. Have a pattern for e.g. on day 1 start with live streaming on day 2 you can initiate a Q&A session on the third day go for Instagram stories.

3) Provide your customers with full support

Social media has removed all the distance between the company and customers. You need to be transparent with your customers. 10 years before people used to call on customer care but now everything is being sorted out through social media. It is important to respond and take care of your customers that’s how you maintain your goodwill. E.g. on the one plus community, there is a system where if you ask anything about the phone, or any update about the event they will respond within a fraction of a second. Responding rapidly, understanding the customer problem, having clear communication, also delivering the requirement to the customers in the bad situation, etc. States the brand personality.

4) Make it authentic

Apart from social media postings of your product what more do you think? People are is interested in your brand truth. Rather than posting about what actually you do. Generally, brands invest in CSR activities as per their annual income. Your brand needs to be true to your customers e.g. the Lifebuoy ad campaign of Kumbha Mela, Ford invisible campaign, etc. let your customer manifest true things about your company.

5) Affordability

Today many companies stay dependent on creative agencies for ad campaigns so that they can maximize sales and generate profit. But it is not possible for all the companies to hire agencies rather they can focus on what they want to achieve and they can implement social media marketing. When it comes to affordability every company sets its budget for advertising many industries just spend without having proper planning as well as even on the wrong medium. Digital marketing saves every penny of income as well it is not even that expensive.

Today creating a business account on the social media platform is becoming a very important aspect of the business. So, let’s take a small step to create a business account for your company and make your business more successful.

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